Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Making it fun to change

Change can be fun? Hmm, it's certainly worth a try. So how do you make a diet fun? or reinforce new behavior you want to become a habit? How do you make a project team fun to work on?

G and I have just started the blood type diet, Eat Right for Your Type -- pretty tricky since we have different blood types. But, worthwhile if my sister's experience is to be trusted. Glenn is an A. I'm a B. We're challenged to master our own beneficial and neutral lists, never mind the things we can share.

[This change is for our health, not weight loss, per se, although I hope I lose some.]

So, how can we make it fun? Add your ideas, PLEASE!
  • Teaser meals -- make yourself a meal of things he can't have. Yesterday for lunch I had a baked sweet potato with ricotta cheese and pesto -- great for a B; poison for an A. Taunt him while you eat it.
  • Put on some great music and clean out the cabinets of everything you can't have. Make an A cabinet; a B cabinet; and a shared cabinet. Music to sort your cabinets? Get a job - Sha-na-na-na.
  • Prepare a meal you both can eat of foods you've never cooked with before -- millet, you say? Rate every new dish, one to five stars.

Monday, January 04, 2010

What Does A Network Weaver Do (remix)

This brief slideshare deck describes grassroots organizing beautifully. I love how well the images work with the text. Thanks, Danielle.