Sunday, January 16, 2005

Great Surfing

This month I learned about Robert Fenton, a 19th century photographer, listened to some Gerry Mulligan jazz, and contrasted that with some 17th century lute compositions and the art of Gerard ter Borch. Phew, I love this culture stuff! And then, all that science!

You might enjoy visiting the sites listed on the listserv, too. It comes about once a month with an assortment of links to online resources sponsored by various government agencies and institutions. The Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, National Geological Survey, and the National Gallery to name a few. Arts, sciences, and social studies (want to know about the history of voting machines or listen to a lecture by Stephen Ambrose?). It’s great that the magic of the Internet now makes all those Washington resources available to us all.

Their instructions to subscribe:
To subscribe to EDInfo, address an email message to: Then write SUBSCRIBE EDINFO YOURFIRSTNAME YOURLASTNAME in the message, (if you have a signature block, please turn it off) Then send it!

(The link in the title takes you to their archives.)