Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Miami in summer?!?

Family business offered me another opportunity to test out my skills at 'working on the road.' I want my business to be portable, but that takes practice, foresight, and creativity.

I was surprised at the number of unsecured wireless networks my laptop identified in the area where we stayed. Do you know who's accessing your network?

On this trip I found I worked best in the local café that offered a free wifi hotspot. The folks at Solero on S. Miami at 10th Street were gracious and welcoming. The café con leche was great, the sandwiches excellent, the atmosphere comfortable. I felt a part of the Miami scene and still got a good deal accomplished.

I printed the few materials I had to have in hard copy by emailing them to local family and picking them up at lunch or dinner. It took a bit more planning, but it worked.

Not everyone would find working in such a public spot energizing. I did and that was a blessing. The change of scenery refreshed my psyche. All that Spanish made me feel I had traveled to another country. New ideas flowed.

I think I'll keep practicing. Working on the road is great fun. Even in Miami in summer.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Gen X & Gen Y Profiles

Whether or not you're interested in marketing, you may find this article profiling Gen X [27-39]and Gen Y [14-26] folks intriquing. Jane Buckingham, author of "The Modern Girl's Guide to Life," and a Gen Xer, paints an interesting picture.

Of their noted slacker image, Buckingham explained that Gen Xers "went through their midlife crises 25 years too early."

Now that they are emerging from those midlife crises, they are remarkably susceptible to marketing that "helps them figure out what is happiness..."

Take a look at the article. Does this fit your experience with Gen X & Y?