Friday, November 17, 2006

Things I Give Thanks For

If WW II interests you, you'll find this series of posts interesting.

Leif Peng publishes a daily blog of 50's and 60's graphics that I enjoy tremendously. This past week, though, in honor of Veterans Day, he has published WWII illustrations and talked about his family's experience in the war. Father - Chinese living in Japanese occupied Taiwan; grandmother and family in what became East Germany, his wife's grandmother in Scotland, and his best friend's Canadian grandfather fighting in Italy.

It's a great collection of art and story. Because it's a blog, it reads newest posting at the top. Order doesn't matter for most of it, but Thursday and Friday, Nov. 16 & 17 are two parts to the same story, so read Thursday first.

The series starts at Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006, if you need to find it in the archives.