Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Capacity to Heal

Yesterday I was liberated from my boot...the one that has protected and bullied my fractured ankle these past many weeks. The physician's assistant said both the shoulder and ankle were healing very well. The ordeal isn't quite over, though.

My leg has shriveled up from lack of use and it will take several weeks to get my muscles, ligaments, and tendons back to par. And several to match my pre-fracture half-hour on the treadmill. But, I am liberated. I hope to regain my independence on the stairs, soon. Glenn has been so gracious about running upstairs to get this  or that but I'd like to do it myself.

"Look at it this way," Glenn said on the way home. "At least you know now that you can still heal."

He's right. It did give me a boost to my confidence. Even these films  which have nothing to do with my cancer provoked anxiety. It was great to pass with flying colors.

Speaking of colors-- I just finished my second watercolor.(above) It's a copy of an Edward Hopper lighthouse painting. I'm including a copy for my brother Pete.  How does it compare to mother's painting?  OK, so the lighthouse may keel over. Not bad for my second effort.
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