Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Made my day, my week...it's great


Here’s something that might help you as much as it helps me.

Google Desktop Search – HOOORAAAY!   I downloaded this free tool on Saturday and am thrilled with the amount of time and frustration it’s saved me.  Key a word or two and within seconds Google Desktop retrieves every file containing those words from email, chat, visited websites, and hard drive – all those Word documents and PDFs.

I work hard at staying organized, but I inevitably find I’ve forgotten that I filed something under some cute name I was sure I’d remember. And now I haven’t a clue. The search feature in Windows is truly a waste.  But now – relief.

To reach the page where you can read about it and download the tool, go here: http://desktop.google.com/    Downloading is quick and painless.  It sure made my day.  In fact, it’s made my week. -- Ruth



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