Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Re: [HVWBOA] Made my day, my week...it's great


Thank you for the tool. I just downloaded it and did a search on my pc. This tool works wonders and I see how it can save time.

Jolie Sealy
Empire Business Solutions

Made my day, my week...it's great


Here’s something that might help you as much as it helps me.

Google Desktop Search – HOOORAAAY!   I downloaded this free tool on Saturday and am thrilled with the amount of time and frustration it’s saved me.  Key a word or two and within seconds Google Desktop retrieves every file containing those words from email, chat, visited websites, and hard drive – all those Word documents and PDFs.

I work hard at staying organized, but I inevitably find I’ve forgotten that I filed something under some cute name I was sure I’d remember. And now I haven’t a clue. The search feature in Windows is truly a waste.  But now – relief.

To reach the page where you can read about it and download the tool, go here: http://desktop.google.com/    Downloading is quick and painless.  It sure made my day.  In fact, it’s made my week. -- Ruth



Sunday, October 17, 2004

Great election sites

I’ve been pretty disgusted with the campaigns this year.  I’ve concluded that neither candidate deserves much respect for the way they twist and skew information.  Instead of listening to them, I’v come to rely on two websites that provide great information… www.factcheck.org and www.opensecrets.org  The first investigates and reports on the truth about each candidates claims.  The second – follow the money.  They provide an amazing amount of easy to follow information about campaign contributions.


-- Ruth Wahtera
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