Saturday, June 18, 2005

WordToys - making life easier

About a month ago I installed WordToys.

If you're like me, your life is entwined with WORD. It's as essential as a pen and pad. But sometimes very frustrating.

WordToys offers a raft of enhancements --some I've been dreaming about (makes a copy to another disk at the same time it saves to file), but some I never even imagined. Like, saving all my open documents to one work space and reopening them all exactly as they were.

If you want an easier life, try it out. I'm still discovering the benefits.


Bob said...

Do you have the serial number key. I can no longer purchase a key from the developer, he is not selling them anymore.

Ruth Wahtera said...

Sorry, Bob, I don't. As I updated Word I had a lot of conflicts so when I changed computers, I didn't reinstall WordToys.