Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Dilbert Blog: Wisdom for Grads

This is the cynical view of life in big organzations - but there's always a grain of truth.

Doug Adams has been compiling this advice for new grads. Lots of folks have added their comments.

The Dilbert Blog: Wisdom for Grads: "There's no such thing as good ideas and bad ideas. There are only your own ideas and other people's. If you want someone to like your idea, tell him he said it last week and you just remembered.

Teamwork is what you call it when you trick other people into ignoring their priorities in favor of yours.

Leadership is a form of evil. No one needs to lead you to do something that is obviously good for you.

You can estimate the time for any project by multiplying the number of idiots involved by one week and adding the number of capable co-workers times four weeks. (The competent ones are busier.)"

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