Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Other People's Spread Sheets

I'm a pretty private person.  I guess it comes from my traditional New England up-bringing.  But that means that I don't know a lot about other people's personal lives.  So I found this site pretty interesting.  Who'd have thought people keep spread sheets about so many things?

Sure, budgets, CD & record collections, even mileage calculators.  But some of this stuff is really beyond my imagination.  I couldn't stop reading it.  I wish I'd thought of this one-
I have an 20-year-ongoing Excel spreadsheet, updated quarterly, called
"My Life" with the following columns: Date, Address, Job, Monthly
earnings, Boyfriend (5 years for the current one, but amusing
information before that), and notable events during the quarter. Only
the Monthly earning is graphible, but it's a handy chart at times.

To read what some people track on spread sheets:
Anil Dash: Excel Pile

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