Monday, April 23, 2007

An Earth Day Story

I spent the weekend working on a grant application, so I hardly noticed Earth Day come and go. But this morning I watched this story on Rocketboom and want to share it with you.

What a perfect way to tell a story. So well done.

Update: The links connected to the current day's story rather than the Earth Day piece. Sorry, I'll try to sort it out later today. Tues, 4/24/07

Okay, lets try this link --

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leif said...

Fantastic! Sadly, its probably too late for all the adults in the world to change their ways... but this brilliant little piece should be required viewing for every young person. The whole over packaging thing has GOT to change... and perhaps the next generation of consumers can make that clear to the manufacturers and marketers.

Thanks for sourcing this out for us, Ruth!

- L ;-)