Saturday, January 31, 2004

Powered by Constant Contact

I added a link to Constant Contact today. Yes, it's in my own self-interest. I get $2 every time someone tries them out, and a bit more if they actually open an account. I'll never get rich, but , I'd like to learn something about affiliate programs. Since I've been recommending Constant Contact to people anyway, what better place to start?

So, yes, this is an advertisement for them. It's a great service if you're planning to publish an e-newsletter. They take care of all those tedious things like the correct formats for AOL, managing bounces, keeping track of the regulations -- everything but the writing and pictures. And that's why you have me.

Well, we're not a package deal. You can use them without me to do your writing. But, you'll be happier if you use us both. Think about it. A nifty e-newsletter keeping your message in front of your audience. With no pain.

Just call me, 845-339-6568, or email me at