Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Improving on "Self-Negotiation" in 2007

Food for thought as we enter a new year...

EuropeanPWN - Do women negotiate differently from men?

Am I getting enough ?

How many women feel comfortable asking that question ? Help is on the way. The change in question illustrates the change in focus from whether women and men negotiate differently to how women can improve their position and start thinking strategically. Negotiating for what you want, raising your goals and expectations and creating opportunity do not mean you have to stop being a « Nice Girl » ! However, the time has come to move on from thinking that hard work alone will get you rewards . It is time to devote some energy to creating value for yourself. As a result of all the research there are many books on the subject of women and negotiation on the market now with training and coaching sessions to suit all tastes. In the words of Deborah Kolb, Professor of Management and Gender in Organizations at MIT and author of the « Shadow Negotiation » and « Everyday Negotiation », it is time to claim your ‘place at the table’.

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