Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Status Update- Celebrate with an Eclair

One doesn't know what's going on in your body. At least I don't know what's going on in mine. I'm just doing the best I can.  But, I did have good news recently. So, I thought I'd invite you to celebrate with me.

Last week was filled with scans, tests, MD appointments. The feedback was good.  Features of my brain MRI  are either unchanged or better. My"numbers" are good. Things are moving in the right direction.  

We're working on my blood pressure. I'we lost a fair amount of weight, so I'm watching that. I can't afford to lose too much. However, I can't revert to treating myself to sweets. Everyone seems to agree that cancer loves sugar so I'm staying away.  That doesn't mean you have to.

So, have an eclair for me to celebrate  I've got to get to the gym.

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