Saturday, April 20, 2013

Status Update: Have a Cream Puff to celebrate this week

Yup, more good news.  Tumors shrinking. Blood pressure more stable.  The week ends with positive feedback from my oncologist. So, have a cream puff or maybe a napoleon.

Guess I'll get my seaweed snack. Umm, umm good.


Allene said...

askHow about some nice Irish Soda Bread instead? Yah!!! for the good news.

AGs said...

I've been working too much to check in, Rufus and then I see this post. I have been fortunate to like what I do for work and to have some passion for it most of the time I have never defined myself by work and still don't, but I also have never thought about what is the most important thing to me. Family, of course, but I am not obsessive about them. My grandbabies live far away and as incipient teens they no longer want to come and spend the summer with us as they have for the past 5 years. Frankly, as incipient teens I am happy to let their mom and dad have the pleasure of those delightful years! I guess where I live interests me greatly and I am peripetatic genetically and now looking at what next when we retire in a coupe of years. Hawaii is looking awfully good right now.
I will make sure Christine sees your blog. She is a inveterate workaholic. We will have a discussion about life!